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Courtney A. Kittrell

While living a life trying to please others, Author Courtney simultaneously lost herself. She suffered in silence and experienced depression, feelings of failure, and suicidal thoughts until she developed relationships in the Navy that changed her outlook on herself -- empowering her to stand in her purpose and never apologize for who she is.


Courtney is a leader of many and a friend to all. She has become a phenomenal writer and has been motivated to be a voice for others who are battling depression, suicidal thoughts, and mental health issues. She pushes others to shift their mind from negative to positive through motivation, inspiration, and positive thinking.

Courtney is featured in:
- Books of Interest to Women Scholars
- Books of Interest to African-American Scholars
- Featured in Connected Woman Magazine

Recipient of the Marquis Who's Who Humanitarian Award!

Nominated as an inductee of Marquis Who's Who in America Biographee 2022-2023!

Unapologetically Favored : A Woman. A Leader. A Testimony

Growing up, rejected by her father and losing members of her family, Courtney believed she had a purpose for her life. That purpose would not come without a price. 


From her earliest years, she knew she was different sexually. Confused, depressed, and afraid of a world that did not welcome her, Courtney lived through depression, disappointment, racism, and sexuality.


Building up courage, strength, and trust in others, she fought her way through her pain and failures. She shifted her mind from thoughts of suicide to thoughts of success. 


Focused on getting her life together and healing the wounds of her past, she began to grow and walk in her purpose. She became "Unapologetically Favored."


This is her story.


Wake Up. Turn Up. Bless Up. Beautiful Inspiration for Her.

WAKE UP, TURN UP, BLESS UP is the everyday woman’s inspiration. This book provides beautiful, daily affirmations that keep the busy woman on her toes, lifts her spirits, and reminds her that there is nothing she can’t accomplish. Learn how to acknowledge who you are by owning your truths and walking in your purpose despite the world around you. Embrace your flaws, love yourself, and be the woman you always wanted to be.


Wake up every day inspired with beauty, greatness, and motivation to slay your way through Life, Happiness, and Self-Reflection.


Never Be Afraid To Eat Alone: Own Your Power & Level Up!

Never Be Afraid to Eat Alone is motivational, inspirational, and purpose driven book that will encourage you to take back your power and live your life with full and unapologetic intention. Through self-reflection you will discover yourself again for the very first time.

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